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My research lies at the intersection of probability, number theory and mathematical physics.


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Current students can find information about my classes on Canvas.

If you are a current or former student and need assistance, please email me.


I am the Secretary / Treasurer of the American Association of University Professors. I have served as President of the United Academics of the University of Oregon as well as the President of the University of Oregon Senate.

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Recent Posts

Non-archimedean electrostatics

I will be teaching a summer school course on $p$-adic electrostatics at the CIMPA-CIMAT Research Sch…

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Basics of Probability

Some notes on foundational ideas and definitions in modern probability theory.

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The $p$-adics and Related Concepts

A brief tour of the basic structure of the $p$-adic rational numbers and their generalizations.

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Introduction to Boltzmann Statistics

An introduction to Boltzmann statistics.

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